• Staging/Flooring and more

    Stage 4x8 section
    1 or 2 ft. from ground $60.00 each
    Rails not included Add Steps $100.00 eh
    Add skirt $1. per foot

    Pip and Drape
    8' Up to 20' Hight
    Desired Lenghth ?
    Black or White Drape
    Other Colors Available Upon Request

    Slate Black dance floor 4x3 sec.
    $2.00 square foot
    Self powered /powered speakers
    blue tooth ready
    with stand $75.00*

    2 Wireless Micks

    Mick Stand $15.00*

    Click to enlarge
    Dance Floor plywood varnish
    3' x 6' sections
    Price: $1.25 per square foot
    Set up Included.
    Double Canon
    - 20 ft of Bang aprox.
    - Confetti Included
    Price: $30.00* ea.
    Velvet Crowd Control Stanchions
    $10 per pole
    $5 per velvet rope
    Chocolate Fountain Party Rental

    Click to Enlarge
    Black Retractable Crowd Control Stanchions
    Retractable length APR. 5 to 6 ft
    Red Carpet Runner
    Price: $50.00*
    3x20 ft. section.
    6x40 ft section.

    Commercial Fans:
    - 30" dia.
    Price: $45.00*
    - 20" dia.
    Price: $15.00*

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